Common Issues Solved By Using a Courier to India from the USA

by | Sep 15, 2014 | Transportation

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While most people stick with what they know and only use Internet websites that are in their country, some people want items from other countries. Many Indian people prefer to purchase products made in the USA for one reason or another, which can include medications, food and clothing. No matter what you want to purchase, using a courier to India from the USA could save you a lot of hassles and problems.


A courier is one company that uses multiple shipping companies to get items where they need to be. Therefore, one courier can take multiple packages and ship them everywhere in the world. Sending items from the USA to India will take longer than shipping from the same country. If you don’t use a courier to send those items, it will likely take longer because couriers are able to perform different tasks and use whichever option is cheapest or quickest, depending on preferences.

Insurance Limits

Different shipping options offer different insurance options. If you are sending something very expensive, you will want to insure it from damage or becoming lost. However, some companies don’t offer any or enough insurance. Couriers will usually insure the items for you from them personally, so if anything happens in transit, the courier is held responsible.

Weight Limits

Just like with insurance, shippers have different weight limits and couriers understand this. Airfreight, for instance, cannot hold as much as a ship. While their airplane may offer a lot of extra room, there is still a weight limit so that the plane will still fly. One shipping company usually offers one type of shipping, but a courier can select multiple shippers to fit the needs of the items.


Shipping items from outside India to India will require a customs check, no matter what the item is. Once the items arrive, the customs agents must open it and search it, clearing it for the recipient. In many cases, weight and value of the package will determine the type of clearance required.

Couriers are usually able to provide documentation that requires an easier way to get through customs, which allows your package to arrive in India quicker.


Many shipping companies aren’t familiar with postage amounts in other countries, so it could cause your package to be delayed or returned. Couriers understand postage requirements and can easily ensure you pay enough for postage.