Helicopter Airport Transfers in NYC are Safer than Other Modes of Transportation

by | Aug 20, 2014 | Air Transport

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It may not seem so, but it can actually be safer to ride in a helicopter for airport transfers in NYC rather than any other type of transportation, including taxis, vehicles and limousines. Many people don’t consider the safety concerns of being in any type of vehicle because they are usually in them multiple times per day. However, being on the street can be dangerous due to traffic accidents, gridlocks and being surrounded by the population.

Traffic Accidents and Gridlocks

In a large city, like NYC, you will likely run into a lot of traffic accidents on the roads. These roads are usually full of traffic all day long, but can be worse during rush hour. This isn’t to say that cab and limousine drivers don’t pay close attention to their driving, but there is always an unknown. You don’t know when another vehicle will hit you or how to stop it because it is part of the unknown. Therefore, it stands to reason you may actually be safer in a helicopter that is up in the air away from all the traffic and problems that can arise.

Gridlocks usually aren’t very dangerous, but in some cases, people try to move into the next lane, hoping someone will be nice enough to allow it. Sometimes, these people end up causing accidents, making you even later.

Most people are able to go online to any number of websites to see where there is heavy traffic and accidents, but even this doesn’t help everyone. In some cases, the traffic doesn’t start until later and then accidents can occur.


The population in any large city can cause safety concerns. People with a lot of luggage attract unwanted attention. They are generally easier to steal from because the person is caught off guard, trying to keep an eye on all their belongings. This is especially true for families with children in tow.

Getting in and out of taxi cabs is the time when many thieves will choose to strike and you may not know there is something missing until you arrive at your destination.

In some cases, criminals tend to strike hard at limousine passengers. Because the limo symbolizes power, control and wealth, thieves may think that the person inside is incredibly rich or famous and they won’t miss a few dollars.

Using a helicopter for airport transfers in NYC could be safer for you and your travel companions. Visit New York Helicopter today and learn more.

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