How to Choose a Westport Limousine Service

by | Apr 25, 2014 | Transportation

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When searching for a Westport limousine service, it is important to get the right limo, which will depend on the number of people, how many hours the limo will be needed and the type of occasion. Most companies will want to know what type of occasion the limo will be wanted for, such as a wedding, prom, birthday part or an anniversary.

The first thing to do before even calling a limo service is to find out what the even is. Many limo companies charge you based on the type of event, which can save you money. However, other limo companies will charge you by the hour, no matter what. Events can include airport transfers, birthday parties, weddings, nights out, city/wine tours, concerts, day trips, A-to-B transfers, client meetings and proms.

Decide who will be riding in the limo and prepare the details. You will want to know how long the event will last and make sure to include travel time. The limo company will need to know how many hours you will need. This is also important because the limo company will need to determine what vehicle to select for your group. There is no problem with wanting a stretch limo for two people as a romantic gesture, but having a limo that seats four or five comfortably won’t work for a part of six or seven.

Know the different types of limo vehicles available at your Westport Executive Limousine Service. All of the below options may not be available at your company, but it is nice to know what options you typically have. For example, Town Cars or Mercedes can be used as a limo sedan for a sleek look without the added length. They also have limousines that can sit up to 22 people, such as the SUV limousine, which is usually an Excursion, Escalade or Excursion. There is also the Hummer limo, which is very popular right now and can seat about 18 comfortably. Along with those, you also have party and small shuttle buses.

Figure out the budget you have available, but also consider the value of the limo service. In some cases, an inexpensive limo service may have older vehicle models, lax chauffer services and more. If possible, ask to see the vehicle to ensure the price and look meets your standards.