Need to Ship a Television or Vehicle? Call the Freighters and Craters in Utah

by | Oct 22, 2021 | Shipping

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You don’t have to figure out how to box your rather large and valuable item in a crate and ship it all by yourself. Now, you can call one of the freighters and craters in Utah to do it for you. They will carefully place your items in specially built wooden boxes or crates, which are equipped with moisture barriers, and ship them for you. Your valuable won’t get broken because it will be in a crate or box lined with Styrofoam, sponge foam or poly-foam sheeting. If you’ll be shipping articles such as porcelain vases, crystal or copper mugs, or other delicate items, they’ll be bubble or shrink wrapped to protect them before placing them in special boxes for shipping.

The Freighters and Craters can custom make crates with foam lined drawers, crates with hinges, link locks, and Skid Mates cushioned feet. Some of the personal items people send are televisions and computers. They send bicycles, sculptures, large and small furniture items, washers, dryers and refrigerators. If you need to send a motorcycle to a son graduating from college, they will crate it up and ship it for you. Whether a customer wants their crates to go overseas or delivered across country, companies make it easy by providing expert service and conveniently doing all the hard work.

The freighters and craters in Utah area offer shipping for commercial and industrial companies as well as shipping personal items for homeowners. They offer impeccable service nationwide or overseas, with full compliance in their shipping procedures. Some of the commercial uses for special crates are shipment of pharmaceutical products, automobile and other vehicle transporting. They ship industrial products, museum artifacts and paintings, along with exhibition and trade show items. Trade show items are usually packed in a crate that can be reused and shipped on to the next trade show.

Companies that crate up valuables, shipping them safely to where they need to go makes doing business so much simpler. When a customer is able to get a free estimate on the cost of shipment of a large vehicle across country or across the ocean, and then have it get there safely, it’s remarkable. Good companies makes it their business to delicately pack, crate your article, and ship it out so that it gets to its destination safe and sound.

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