State Business Requirements for a Wrecker Service in Lumberton

by | Mar 15, 2013 | Transportation

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A wrecker service in Lumberton will be relied on to tow vehicles away from areas where they are obstructing vehicle flow or causing an inconvenience. A private property, the side of a road, in the middle of a field – it does not matter where you totaled your vehicle because a wrecker service in Lumberton will have the necessary tools and equipment to get there. Removing an unwanted car requires a lot of experience; therefore you need to focus on the state business requirements before you contact a wrecker service in Lumberton. To make sure that the company you hire abides by the law and does not risk problems when towing your vehicle, pay attention to the following requirements.

Insurance Coverage

Just like any other business, a wrecker service in Lumberton will need to have insurance coverage put into place in order to provide their services to customers. This insurance will protect both the driver of the truck and any other drivers in the event of a collision or accident. The tow truck driver will need to prove they are covered by carrying an insurance certificate on them at all times. Ask for proof of this when you meet with a tow truck driver and if the documents appear to be legitimate; they are probably a reliable source.

License and Background Check

It is not possible for a wrecker service in Lumberton to start working until they are licensed. Certain business licensing requirements will be put into place and unless the company follows these rules, they will not be able to continue working in that field. Although these licenses can sometimes cost the company as much as $200,000, they are essential for business productivity. It is not just the licenses you should focus on but also, the company background. Have they been in business for long? Do they have a steady stream of clients? Ask to see proof of the driver’s driving records and avoid working with a company if the driver has previously had a DWI offence.


Most states will require a wrecker service in Lumberton to have a suitably sized vehicle that can manage loads of up to a ton. You can inquire about this when you contact the company you are interested in working with and at this time, you should inspect their vehicles. Why, you ask? Well, the vehicle should clearly detail the company name/logo and warning signs should also be fastened in place.

Note down the names of a handful of companies before you select Spanky’s Wrecker Service in Lumberton. With the information you have, it is possible to gather customer testimonials and referrals from friends and family. While doing this, make sure you compare the prices of each company and collaborate with the company that charges a reasonable fee.