What does the driver of a tow truck do?

by | Aug 27, 2014 | Transport & Logistics

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There are three basic jobs that the driver of a tow truck in Aurora Illinois is called upon to do; pick up vehicles that are disabled, remove vehicles that do not have an apparent driver and to deliver vehicles. Most operators of tow trucks are independent operators; the driver will purchase a tow truck and then enter into a contract with a large tow truck company who then dispatches the driver and his vehicle. People who need towing services will call into a central number and based on the location of the caller, the central operator will assign the job to the driver who is closest to the caller and is available to handle the job. Payment is made upon completion of the job.

A tow truck in Aurora Illinois is an essential service for drivers. The tow truck, a large vehicle which is fitted with a hoisting mechanism or a flat tilting bed is used to move vehicles without intervention by the driver. Tow trucks vary in size; many are suitable for average size cars and light trucks while others are large enough to remove busses and highway haulers. It is the size of the tow truck that determines the jobs that it can undertake.

To be a tow truck driver obviously a valid driver’s license is required. Really all that is needed to successfully start a towing business is a driver’s license, a tow truck and a short band radio to receive orders and other communication from the dispatcher. Tow truck companies often contract their services to police departments and property management companies to remove vehicles that are illegally parked or appear to be abandoned.

Tow truck drivers are called upon to pick up a disabled vehicle and deliver it to the garage that has been specified by the owner. The vehicle in question may have suffered a mechanical breakdown or have been involved in an accident which has left the vehicle inoperable. The tow truck lifts either the front or the rear of the vehicle off the ground, the car is placed in neutral and then the truck is driven away. There are also tow trucks that have the ability to lower a flat bed to ground level, the disabled vehicle is then driven or winched onto the platform, the platform is lifted and the tow truck simply drives off with the car on the bed.

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