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Is Hiring a Packing Service the Most Important Part of a Move?

Is Hiring a Packing Service the Most Important Part of a Move?

Assuming liability is a major part of any professional packing service. When it comes to jewelry, money, documents, plants and living animals – the client is responsible for these things. He or she must sign separate contracts for antiques and objects of art, as well. If a person wants to report damage after the move, they must hurry to do so. Obvious damages, such as scratches or marks on furniture and other items, must be reported to the company in writing at the latest one day after the move. Smaller damages, which are not immediately apparent, can be reported in writing within 14 days. Important: If you miss these deadlines, the insurance coverage of the company will not help pay for these damages.

When moving, there is much to consider. But if a person organizes everything properly, they can manage the move without stress. Having a checklist provides folks with an overview of the most important steps to take during a move. When planning a move, it is best to write up a checklist where you record the time at which you need to complete each step. Make sure you do not forget anything.

Cost planning is more important that most think. Each step involves costs, which means the client must figure in additional costs that may be needed along with way. If you know when the move will take place, it is important to get time off work. Many employers also permit special leave for moves. Arrange an appointment with the landlord (if applicable) and consider the repairs and renovations that are needed well before the move. Check whether there were any damages before you moved in, or whether they are covered by the mover’s insurance. Caution: Landlords cannot deduct repairs from their tenant’s deposit if the repairs were needed before the tenant moved in.

Before you start packing, it is important to ensure there is a space to put the boxes before unpacking. A move is a perfect opportunity to get rid of any clutter you may have. Do you want to take over the move yourself or hire a moving company? If a person is unsure of what to do, take the time to do some research. If a homeowner opts to hire a professional mover, it is advisable to request and compare several offers. Contact company name: ASAP MOVERS today. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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