Ask What Your International Parcel Service In India Can Do For You

by | Jan 12, 2015 | Transport & Logistics

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If you are like most people, you don’t even realize some of the options and services you get when you use companies in general, and most never think about their international parcel company in India. You will typically use them for shipping items, whether for work or pleasure, but never give much thought to anything else they can do, which means you are missing out and may be costing yourself money. While some couriers don’t offer all of the same services, many can and do, so it is important to find out about yours.


Your parcel service will need to be able to send parcels and packages to wherever you need them to be and every international courier in India will be able to help you with your parcels and get them sent quickly, efficiently and correctly.

Extra Luggage

For those times where you require more luggage than is allowed on traditional airlines, you may want to consider a courier that offers excess baggage service, as they will ship your extra luggage for a small fee, which will make it less expensive than going through the airlines.


If you are going to be moving soon, you may want to consider those couriers that offer relocation help with packers and movers. They can go to your home, pack up everything and move it into the van. Once it arrives at a new location, they can move it into a new home so you can unpack at your leisure.


If you tend to send items to or from India frequently, you will want to deal with one currency and invoice. Many couriers offer these services to make it easier to handle your shipping needs.

Dangerous/Hazardous Items

In times where you need to send dangerous goods, such as items with batteries, liquid, flammables, aerosols or medication, you will need the help of a trusted international courier. They will be able to pack the items safely for their trip and ensure that customs agents will allow the items through.


If you own a small business, you may want to take advantage of warehousing and distribution services from your international courier. Many offer these options, so you can have a safe and secure place to store the items, and they can be delivered more quickly when they are sold.