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Tips for Dangerous Goods Shipping

Posted by on Jul 19, 2018 in Transportation and Logistics | 0 comments

Are you in a business where you may have to ship goods that are considered dangerous for one reason or another? Dangerous goods shipping means everything will need to be packed and labeled properly, or it could end up meaning a rejection from the transportation authorities, which is the last thing that any company needs when they have shipments that need to go out. Late shipments mean disruptions to the supply chain that are going to cause issues with any company. There are some tips that you can use for dangerous goods shipping, which can help to make things a bit easier for you. Proper Packing and Markings First, you always need to make sure that you are packing the items properly for this type of shipping. Pay attention to any po5jEpAG6u tential weaknesses in containers, areas that might...

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Need a Carrier? 4 Questions to Help You Make Up Your Mind

Posted by on Jan 15, 2018 in Transportation and Logistics | 0 comments

Logistical problems often take a huge bite out of your bottom line. That’s why partnering with the right 3rd Party Logistics provider counts for a lot. Here are helpful questions you’ll want to ask before you choose one: Is the company reliable? A reliable and trustworthy logistics partner like Route Transportation & Logistics, Inc. is vital to the success and growth of your business. You won’t have to worry about poor handling practices that could damage your shipment or compromise its security. You can breathe easy, knowing your shipment will get to where it needs to go safe and sound, says Digitalist. Are they innovative? To be fair, most companies don’t ask this question. They’re more concerned about cost, reliability and transit times. But choosing an innovative 3rd Party Logistics partner can mean dedicated and better solutions, one catered...

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In Search of Cheap Trucking Companies

Posted by on Dec 22, 2017 in Transportation and Logistics | 0 comments

Whether you run a manufacturing business, warehouse, distributorship, or any business that requires shipping, freight is one of your biggest concerns and costs. When you save money on shipping, you can pass this savings on to your customers and stay ahead of your competitors. However, not all cheap trucking companies can give you top quality and dependable service. Here are some things to look for when you check out freight services. Reputation Does the carrier have a reputation for on-time deliveries? If not, your inexpensive shipping service may cost you more than you expect. Customers want their cargo on time, and it has to be in excellent condition. If not, you could end up losing customers and your business. Make sure the cheap trucking companies you choose, have impeccable reputations in the shipping industry. This is more important than...

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3 Ways Small Businesses Can Get Better Freight Rates

Posted by on Nov 7, 2017 in Transportation and Logistics | 0 comments

Small business owners often assume that the strategies and options that are effective for large business will not work on a smaller scale. While this is true for some aspects of business, the same techniques can be used by companies of all sizes to help to get the best possible freight rates for goods shipped out or raw materials and goods shipped in. There are three specific ways that any small business can improve their current freight rates, particularly if they are contracting with multiple freight companies or if they have a substantial amount of incoming or outgoing loads. Go With a Pro Mid to large sized companies often turn over their shipping to third party logistics providers. These are specialized companies that negotiate the best freight rates and also work with help you to improve efficiency, cut shipping...

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Transportation Services in Naples, FL Are Not All the Same

Posted by on Oct 25, 2017 in Transportation and Logistics | 0 comments

While you may think all taxi providers are the same, you are mistaken. By the same token, not all limo services are the same. Rates and services vary depending on the company; that is why you need to carefully review the transport services that are offered online. Determining Your Transportation Needs When you are choosing a transportation services provider, you need to totally scrutinize the offerings. A company that offers taxi services, airport services, and limo services shows that it is committed to the transport needs of its customers. You also need to investigate the type of service that is offered. Drivers should be well-experienced and known for delivering on-time service. Maybe you need limo transportation services in Naples, FL. If so, you need to review this transport option in terms of the vehicle selection and your criteria. In...

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5 Shipping Mistakes You Might Be Making

Posted by on Oct 4, 2017 in Transportation and Logistics | 0 comments

Shipping mistakes could lead to a great deal of trouble for your business if they aren’t handled right. Here are some common issues you could sidestep over to keep those problems at bay: Wrong packaging Packaging your items incorrectly could be why your shipment damage probabilities are so high. Learn and understand the appropriate packaging requirements and methods. Reach out to a packaging professional to help you find the ideal packaging solution for your products. You could reduce your shipping costs this way. Wrong shipment weight Carriers have certified scales that they use to correctly and accurately weigh your cargo. But that’s also going to mean additional re-weighing costs. You’ll want to get your shipment weight right from the very beginning by using the appropriate scale, says Inbound Logistics. Wrong shipping option Opting for an FTL shipping option when...

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