How to Prepare for International Relocation Services

by | Nov 26, 2014 | Transport

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If you are relocating due to a job or for some other reason, you may wonder about all your belongings. Many people choose to leave/sell all their items and purchase new ones at their new location, but this can become costly and annoying because you don’t have what you need when you get to your new home. If you need international relocation services, the first thing to do is to prepare for the move and decide what all you are taking with you.


Your home is likely filled with a lot of stuff that you have forgotten about and this is the time to go through everything thoroughly to decide what you want to keep and what you don’t. This can be a painstakingly slow process, especially if you have things that you are keeping just in case, but it can save a lot of money with relocation. International relocation companies will haul just about anything you have in your home for a price, but it is up to you to shave off a little of the cost by letting go of old or worn out items.

The first step is to get everyone in the home to go through all of their clothing and shoes. If it does not fit, let it go. If the shoes are old, worn or never worn, let it go.

Next, focus on the furniture. Do you really want to keep that stained sofa or would you rather wait a few weeks and buy a new one? The same may be true with mattresses and other items.

Go through all the books you have accumulated over the years and ensure you still want them. You should also consider whether you want to ship your vehicle or buy a new one in your new location.

Anything you aren’t keeping can be sold at a yard sale or donated to charity


International relocation services are available to help you pack up everything and get it sent to the new location. Ask the company whether they want to pack things personally or would prefer that you have everything packed up and ready to load onto the truck.

Make sure the company you select offers storage in case that will be necessary and that they offer insurance on your items. You may want to have antiques and heirlooms appraised before the move to ensure you get enough insurance on these items.