Is it Worth it to Hire a Moving company?

by | Sep 8, 2012 | Transport & Logistics

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Why not just rent a truck? There are a few companies that will let you do that, then you can save on the man hours you pay for and it can save a great amount of expense. On the other hand a moving company can save you a lot of very real pain and time. The first thing you also have to realize is that the trucks are very difficult to pilot, even on a fairly level city like Naples Florida. If you’ve never driven one of those moving trucks you might get caught by surprise at just how tippy they can be. It’s due to having a high center of gravity, and while the roads in Naples, FL might not bend and curve like they would in Napoli Italy, the tight turns at a city’s intersections can be harrowing for the unprepared.

Besides the difficulties of handling one of the rental moving trucks comfortably the other reason to hire a professional moving company in Naples is pain. Sure, a moving company in Naples can save you a lot of time and even potential trips, and you don’t want to be driving back and forth through Naples over and over taking small loads in a pickup truck. But the real pain you’re trying to avoid isn’t the psychological pain of extra work and pointless trips in the car, but the very real pain of a sore back or actual back injury. The risk of back injury is much higher the more you have to move and the heavier the objects you have to move. So if you’re taking a cot and a bag of clothes into a city studio, don’t bother with a moving company. Moving a real amount of furniture? It might be a good idea.

It’s easy to accidentally strain your back when trying to lift and carry heavy objects. Professional movers who know what they’re doing manage to strain their backs sometimes. People without any experience and often lacking core strength are even more likely than movers to strain their back or worse. To put the severity of back pain in context, professional football players have been sidelined by back spasms.

These aren’t injuries that carry a threat of paralysis, this isn’t avoiding playing to protect your career, it’s simply not being able to handle the pain and play at the same time. If for no other reason you should contact a moving company in Naples just to make sure that your first days in Naples are devoted to finding the local hot spots and getting a new library card, and not going to the doctor for back pain.

If you want to make your move as pleasant and pain free as possible, and you’re thinking of moving too or from the Naples area Smooth Move Moving and Storage should be your first call. This family owned and operated company of professional movers will work tirelessly to move you into your new home as soon as possible. They can be found online or contacted via telephone.