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Make The Most of Your Rental Car: 3 Tips You Haven’t Thought Of Before

Make The Most of Your Rental Car: 3 Tips You Haven’t Thought Of Before

Renting a car allows you the opportunity to travel freely during vacations and business trips. While many people choose to rent a car at some point each year, not everyone knows the best ways to maximize the ease and simplicity of their car rental experience. With these three tips, you can guarantee a smooth transaction with friendly service and maybe even some free upgrades.

1. The New York Times recommends that you forget brand loyalty and focus more on renting from independent agencies. Although these smaller rental agencies aren’t as large or as well-known as others, their operating costs are lower and therefore their rates are more affordable for you, the consumer. Plus, these independent car rental agencies can provide you more personalized service when you are hoping to rent a car with cash near Atlanta, GA or elsewhere during your trip.

2. When renting a car in advance, ignore any offers for larger vehicles or upgrades. Instead, choose to inquire about potential upgrades at the rental desk when you are picking up your car. Depending on available inventory, you may become the lucky recipient of free or majorly discounted upgrades to a luxury vehicle with added features. In many cases, the agent you speak to at the desk will have considerable power over setting the rate for upgrades, so be polite!

3. By having paper bills on hand to rent a car with cash in Atlanta, GA, you guarantee a simple registration process. Credit card companies often suspend cards when they suspect illegitimate charges—the chances that this will happen to you increase during travel and when you are spending large amounts of money. You may find yourself in this exact situation while attempting to rent your car, so eliminate the uncertainty and pay with cash!

Keep these tips in mind the next time you’re planning a car rental, and you’ll reap the benefits of better travel!

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