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Make Your First View of the Big Apple Count

If you are visiting the Big Apple for the first time, and not likely to visit again, then you need to make sure that you view New York City in the best way possible. You need to make the time you have count. There are several ways to view the city that include bus tours, exhibit tours, ferries, and even walking tours. None of those tours are going to give you the possibility of seeing all of New York’s famous landmarks in a matter of minutes. Not to mention the traffic you will have to deal with and the obstructed views. You should really take the time to consider helicopter tours in NYC.

A Helicopter Ride Helps You See It All

When considering which type of tour you want to take, consider that of all the types available, a helicopter tour is going to be able to get you there quicker, with less hassle, and give you a prime view. You will get a better feel for the city from the air than you will stuck in traffic, or blocked by crowds of people all trying to view a famous landmark at the same time. When you are sitting in a comfortable helicopter cabin, you have the opportunity to see views of sites such as the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, and the Empire State Building from a close and personal vantage point. The view is not only beautiful, it is panoramic and cannot be beaten by any other view since a helicopter can get you closer than any other type of transportation. Since you have the option of flying, it only takes a few minutes to fly across New York City to reach other fascinating destinations.

Get an Awesome View like No Other

Of course you will want to snap pictures of everything you see, and you can capture some of the most captivating shots with your special vantage point inside a helicopter. Since you are being given a tour, feel free to ask the pilot questions about certain landmarks that intrigue you. You can even customize your very own tour and visit the exact places you would like to see, even if they are not currently listed in available tours. Make the moment last, and enjoy every breath taking moment of viewing New York City from the sky. You will be making memories of your trip that are sure to last you a life time.

Helicopter tours in NYC are quite popular with tourists. When you plan on visiting NYC,contact New York Helicopter to book a tour that will have you relating your experience with all of your friends and family.