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Moving Services in Tulsa Explain How to Pack Properly

Where should you start the packing process? Of course, Moving Services in Tulsa believe it is with the selection of materials. Packaging plays a huge role in moving because it affects the safety of your property. It’s safe to say that the right packaging is a guarantee of a successful relocation. You will need cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, markers and tape. Here are some helpful tips to packing boxes.

  • Buying packaging is only half the battle. They need to be wisely used! Most things, from TV’s to furniture, may need to be wrapped in bubble wrap. If a box is left with empty space, fill it with bubble wrap, foam or soft cloth. In the event of an impact or fall, this will cancel the vibration, and the contents of the container will not be affected. To protect antique furniture legs against damage, you can use protective polyethylene mesh.
  • Appliances, which have been recently purchased and are still under warranty, should be placed back in the original box for shipping. But for the TV or stereo that was bought 10 years ago, you can simply wrap it in several layers of wrap.
  • Flat objects, such as books or CDs, are better packed when they are laying down in a box. Make sure that each box weighs no more than 30 pounds, ideally. If you use boxes, similar in color and size, write on each what items are inside them or which room they go in. Pictures, mirrors, and other breakables need to be wrapped in several layers of bubble film. Glass should be put in plastic containers because cardboard can deform at impact. Carpets need to be rolled up and wrapped with tape.
  • Moving Services in Tulsa state that boxes need to be carefully sealed with tape. It must be done so the tape does not stick to the packaging when it is opened. First, you need duct tape to seal the box in a room where the temperature is above 45 degrees. Second, the surface of the packaging should be as clean as possible. The box should also be free of dust, dirt, and even more moisture.

Moving can be a trying time for anyone. However, you can ease the pain by following these simple tips. If you need help or if you have questions concerning a move, Contact NAL Movers of Tulsa today.