Residential Moving Services Make The Move So Much Easier

by | Nov 19, 2014 | Moving and Storage

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Let’s face it, moving is stressful, whether you’re moving across town or across the country. It’s never easy to pack all of your belongings into an assortment of boxes of varying sizes and load them into a moving truck successfully so they don’t move at all in the journey to your new place. For many people facing a move in today’s society, Residential Moving Services just make more sense. They come with the big burly moving guys who have done this type of job many times over, knowing just how to fit the boxes into the jigsaw puzzle that is a moving truck. Additionally, they come with the moving dollies, blankets and packing tape it takes to put everything in the truck safely and securely the way it should be. However, just because you hire a moving team to help you out on moving day doesn’t mean you are relieved of all responsibilities. There are still things you should do to prepare for the big day.


Check with the company you hire to find out ahead of time how they prefer payments to be made. Some companies prefer payment in full before the crew starts to work. Still others require a deposit, then the balance is paid before the truck is unloaded. Some companies take a check, some require cash, and others will take a credit card, but it has to be called into the home office during office hours, so be sure to know all the rules before the truck arrives at your home.


Many homeowners choose to save money by packing their own homes up, even though Residential Moving Services can do this for them, and this can be a wise move, after all, you can save money and pack at your leisure. But, know that by doing this, you have to secure your own boxes, wrapping and tape. Don’t go dumpster diving for boxes, instead, purchase new boxes in a variety of sizes and don’t over stuff them. Securely wrap every item in them and securely tape each box, labeling them as you go as to which room they should be placed into.

Lastly, check Facebook of the Aaron Bros Moving System Inc. you choose for any discount codes before you hire them, you never know what you might find.