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Skip the Middleman When You Hire One of the Great Auto Shipping Companies in New York

You have been looking for the perfect car for months, both online and through auto trader magazines. You finally found it, but it is several states away. You have no extra vacation time, or little extra cash to fly to where the car is so you can drive it home. You will need to sort through the Auto Shipping Companies New York. You have heard horror stories about brokers not being honest about the up-front costs, not being able to talk to the actual car carrier and rumors of the cars being transported while not being insured. How are you supposed to sort through the red tape and hope you have picked the right carrier? There is an electronic solution available.

Modern technology will soon replace the unreliable brokers. Now you are able to connect directly with carriers through visit us website. By cutting out the middle man, the carriers are able to offer lower prices. You will gain peace of mind knowing you will get the services you require. On the web-site you can choose the carrier type (do you want it to be enclosed, open or drive away), enter your dates and cities and tell the carrier what type of vehicle you will need transported. With no third party salesman you and the carrier will be connected. You won’t receive a dozen e-mails or phone calls from salesmen trying to persuade you to ship with them.

Once you have selected your carrier, you will need to fill out the paperwork and place a security deposit. You and the driver will fill out a bill of lading form, with a detailed inspection of the vehicle. This same bill of lading will be at the other end of the delivery. In the unlikely event that something happens during transport, you will need to have the bill of lading to make a claim. The vehicle will be delivered as close to your home as possible.

When you need to get your vehicle from one destination to another, and you cannot get it there yourself, you can hire one of the great auto shipping companies in New York without the middleman. You could save between $150 – $250 when you make your selection on-line. When you go straight to the carrier, you not only save money, but you buy peace of mind knowing who is transporting your vehicle and how.