Tips for Flagging Down Long Beach Airport Transportation

by | Sep 23, 2013 | Transportation

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If you are looking to flag down a Yellow Cab, then you might need some pointers on how to get the job done. Many people know nothing about hailing a cab, especially if you are visiting some major city, after living in the country or a small town for the majority of your life. You need to realize that in major cities, cars aren’t driven often, and place like Long Beach Airport Transportation, are the best and quickest way to travel. Below you will find some tips on the best way to hail a cab in a major city, and not be late for everything from work to shopping.

The first thing you need to know is that hailing a cab can be dangerous and confusing, so it’s best to know the rules of the road before you try to flag down one. You want to stay on a busy street or intersection, as that is where the cab drivers tend to be. You don’t have to be near a popular intersection, but if you are still having trouble flagging a cab down, you may want to walk closer to the popular attraction.

Once you find a good spot to hail a cab one, walk to the edge of the sidewalk that is away from cross walks and parked cars. You want the cab to be able to pull up right in front of you. Make sure that there is no one walking in that area and stay out of street, as cab drivers can be aggressive and swerve in suddenly.

If a cab is available to take on a fair, you will be able to tell by the number on the sign on top of the car, if they aren’t then you will see an off duty sign up top. Don’t try to flag down an off duty cab driver, it won’t do you any good. Stand on the sidewalk and wave your hand high in the air in the direction of the street to let the driver know that you are trying to find a cab, get in your cab and go on down the road to your destination.