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24/7 Truck Service

24/7 Truck Service

Having a truck emergency  in the middle of the night, at the middle of the road won’t be a problem anymore. Thanks to B&L Towing and Recovery, there would be an all-day truck road service in New Jersey highway. Just a call to their 24-hour emergency hotline then help is on the way with up to 7 dispatch units to assist you.

On the Road
B&L’s service give assurance that even at any time they will come to your truck’s rescue. They believe that “Why tow it if it can be fixed 50% of vehicles called in to our dispatch to tow can be fixed?”. Towing is just an option for their road service is fully equipped for truck reload and cargo storage, emergency tire repair services, and a lot more. All of the necessary repairs can possibly be done on the road without having your truck be towed to their main facility.

Geared Up
Truck bodily damages from heavy collisions can also be repaired on the road. Since recovery is also the business’s expertise, they offer custom painting, frame straightening and fabricating. It is really an emergency service if you might call it.

Quick and Quality
Many locals have trusted the service of B&L especially for truck operators who need extreme emergency repair with their truck road service in New Jersey. They also conduct complete diagnostics for the vehicles and deliver the “fastest” service in New Jersey and New York City area.

After being trusted for almost four decades already, B&L Towing and Recovery  is the leading in the business for truck road service in New Jersey. Operating for 24 hours, 365 days a year with no holidays makes them the number 1 among others.

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