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Finding the Right Movers for Your Chicago Relocation

It’s been said that the two most stressful events that can occur in a person’s life are a divorce and a move. Whether or not you agree with that premise, there’s no denying the fact that a move – whether personal or professional – can be a massive and stressful undertaking.

Where some people make a mistake is in neglecting to find the best crew to have on their side during this process. This means finding the right movers. Chicago is a big city, but there are still businesses out there that provide their customers with the personal, small-town service needed at a time like this.

What should you look for when picking a moving company? Here are some points to consider:

Will they help you coordinate your move?
There are varying levels of service the typical moving company offers, from merely moving boxes and furniture into a truck, then out again once they’ve reached their destination, all the way through to assisting customers in coordinating their move. This can take the form of managing and planning the process, packing and unpacking services, and handling all of the little details you might have forgotten. In the case of a professional move, such as an office, ask if they’ll have someone on-site to help manage the process as it can become quite unwieldy.

Are they insured?
This is a crucial point that cannot be overlooked. Find out whether your moving company is covered before you trust them with your precious goods.

Do they offer storage options?
Some moving companies in Chicago offer short-term and long-term storage – say, for instance, in a situation where a new residence isn’t quite ready to be moved into yet, but the previous residence has been sold. These challenging situations do come up, which is why it’s best to know you’re covered in case of any surprises. If storage is offered, be sure to ask about the facilities and whether they’re fully secure and climate controlled.

Will you have a single point of contact?
It’s always reassuring to know that there’s someone by your side through the moving process, who you can contact in case of a question or problem, who knows you by name and has been with you from the beginning. Peace of mind goes a long way in times like these.

A little planning and research will go a long way toward making your moving experience easier – after all, you deserve nothing but the best movers Chicago has to offer.

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