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Four Ways to save Money for your Ottawa Move

There can be many hidden costs when moving. From a sudden desire to buy new curtains to additional fees such as gas you can easily go over budget. Here are some ways you can save money if you are in a strict budget once you hire your Ottawa Movers at Gerry’s Moving.

  1. Garage Sale: Make the best of your move and consider getting rid of all those unwanted items by having a garage sale. You might be surprised at what people are willing to buy at a garage sale from old clothes, dishes and books to furniture and small appliances. This is the perfect opportunity to look at all of the things you haven’t used in years and sell them. A garage sale will help clean out your home while providing you with some extra money to use for your move. You will also help make the move go more quickly with fewer items to move.
  2. Save Time: There are a number of ways you can save time when moving. Your Ottawa movers will do a lot of the work which means friends and family might be more willing to assist with some of the smaller items. See if you can enlist some help to move cloths and smaller boxes. In fact find out when you have access to your new home and if time allows make arrangements to bring over some of the less urgent boxes in advance so you can reduce your moving costs if you pay by the hour.
  3. Assess your Services: When you move it is a good time to asses the services you use such as phone and cable and even security. Speak to some of your providers as well as some new ones and see where you can get the best deals. Learn more about bundling as this can often save quite a bit of money and see if you can renegotiate better prices to reduce your overall monthly utility fees.
  4. Home Cooking: It is a tradition to order in pizza for moving day but since you are hiring Ottawa movers you won’t be obligated to feed family and friends. Have an open house on moving day and ask people to participate in pot luck. You can enjoy some home cooking without having to worry about footing the bill for expensive take out.

These four simple tips will help you save some money when you make your move.