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Get Storage of the Same Quality as a Museum

No matter if you are seeking long or short-term storage for your pieces of art, what does matter is the company with which you are storing it. A strong reputation and history, combined with state of the art storage facilities ensure that your collection, or even just your single piece is kept safe and undamaged.

What You Should Look For

There are, of course, many qualities that will be important to you during your storage period. By speaking with a fine art storage service in Los Angeles you should expect to find the following qualities before you consider handing over your treasured artwork to them.

  • Dust free environment

  • 24-hour monitoring and security

  • Private and confidential

  • Protection against smoke and fire

  • Viewing room

  • Humidity controlled

  • Climatization at a Museum quality level

  • No public access

  • Dock and warehouse services, should you want to have new pieces delivered directly to them.

Why You Might Need Storage

There are many different reasons why a client may wish to have their pieces of art stored. Some people simply have a collection to sit somewhere safe and appreciate in age, others might be doing renovation on their home, gallery or museum and want to avoid damage. When people travel, they often put their artwork into storage, so it is protected when they can’t be around to do it themselves.

You Need Security

When storing your artwork please also be sure that the company that is providing the protection has round the clock security monitoring, staff only access and they either meet or exceed any insurance requirements that might exist.

For a company that provides all of the above and more please visit and see the many services and facilities that are available to you to keep your collection safe and secure.

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