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Getting Thing Ready for Your Mover Naples

Even people who are looking forward to moving do not necessarily like packing for the move. It must be done though, and putting it off will only have you frantically trying to get all your packing done in the last few days before the move. Overwhelming! You need to get started with your packing at least 2 months prior to the move and get in touch with the mover at this time as well so that you can have enough time for all the steps involved in packing and moving house.

Begin packing by walking through the house and figuring out what is in each room. What do you want to keep and what can you give away. This done, begin the de-cluttering process and plan to sell, give away or throw away the stuff you do not need. Once this is completed, have the mover come to your house for a walk through so they can see exactly what needs to be moved and give you an accurate quote for the move.

If you have decided to pack up your own things you have to start by assembling all the supplies you will need. Get a pair of scissors, tan or clear tape at least 2 inches wide, a tape gun, newsprint paper, bubble wrap and some boxes. You can buy your moving boxes or speak to your local supermarket about getting some of their boxes. The boxes should be of various sizes and should not be packed in such a way that the mover Naples will have a hard time lifting them. Make sure that the very big boxes contain light, bulky things such as comforters and stuffed animals. Every box should be labeled so that you know where to find what.

Find a spacious place in your home and make a packing station for yourself. Make sure that you wrap each item with at least 2-3 sheets of the newsprint paper or bubble wrap to avoid breaking in transit. The box in which you place your items should be padded with paper or bubble wrap for cushioning and you should also make sure that nothing moves within the box. Any mover will tell you that if there is movement within the box, the chances of unloading everything in one piece drop significantly.

As you finish packing each box make sure to tape it shut and label it then stack your boxes in each room as you finish packing it up. Pack one box and call it the “Open First” box. This should be a box with the most essential things for running your home. Generally, this will be the things you will be using up until the last minute. Getting everything ready for your mover Naples to come load and take away is not easy, but starting early can help you cope with the stress of moving.