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Hire a Mover in St. Paul and Then Follow These Tips For a Smooth Move

Hire a Mover in St. Paul and Then Follow These Tips For a Smooth Move

There’s no doubt that moving can be stressful. There’s so much to do that without a detailed “to do” list; you could definitely be forgetting something. While hiring a Mover in St. Paul is one of the first steps to take, there are a number of other steps to take that will make sure your move goes smooth as silk.


It’s tempting to scrounge through the dumpsters at the grocery or liquor store for boxes to pack your belongings, but do you really want to trust a box that formerly held lettuce and strawberries to your grandmother’s crystal cake plate? The integrity of the box has been sabotaged after the first use, and you really want to purchase grade A moving boxes if you’re not going to have the Mover in St. Paul does the packing for you.


While all of the boxes do not need to be double wall, they’re well worth the expense for fragile items. Pack your crystal, china and even the dinner plates in these boxes to ensure they’re not crushed in transit. These boxes hold up well and support the extra weight of glass items. For drinking glasses, you can purchase special boxes with dividers in place to keep the wrapped glasses cozy over the miles.


A tape gun makes all the difference when it’s time to tape close all of the boxes. There are a number of various strength tapes, but for a basic move within Minnesota, a moving tape with an acrylic adhesive should be fine. If your items are going into storage for a long period of time, you may want to consider a thicker mil tape than the tape that just needs to withstand the heat for a short period of time.

Boxes and tape make a difference in how smoothly the move goes, but so does the quality of the moving company. With a company like Action Moving Services Inc. taking charge of the transport, you’re sure to have peace of mind while moving across the state or half-way across the country.

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