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How Much Wine Could You Drink On One Of The Traverse City Wine Tours?

With a population of 14,674 (according to the 2010census), Traverse City in Michigan is not a huge place (although its entire micropolitan area recorded 143,372 persons in the same census). Nevertheless, it is the largest city in the Northern Michigan region. Perhaps its main claim to fame is the annual July Cherry Festival which regularly attracts some half a million visitors (it is estimated that around 165,000 tons of cherries are harvested per year from the countryside around Traverse City). Although Traverse City is the capital of Grand Traverse County, the city also includes part of neighboring Leelanau County within its boundaries.

The Mitten

The City itself sits on the shore of the Grand Traverse Bay of Lake Michigan and is separated from the lake to the west by the Leelanau Peninsula which forms the little finger of the mitten shaped Lower Michigan Peninsula. This peninsular not only possesses fine shorelines and scenic views, it is also on the 45th Parallel which is similar to other parts of the world where fine wine grapes can be grown.

The soil and climatic conditions around Traverse City are well suited to grape cultivation and the whole Leelanau Peninsular has been designated as an American Viticultural Area (AVA) – this is similar (but not identical) to the French Appellation Contrôlée. There are four such wine areas in Michigan and two of them are close to Traverse City (Leelanau and the smaller Old Mission Peninsula which between them are home to more than 30 wineries).

Scenery Plus Good Wine To Sample

The close proximity to so many wineries set in beautiful countryside makes Traverse City a good place to base yourself for any visitor interested in taking Traverse City Wine Tours. Much of the Old Mission Peninsular can be done in a day (as long as you do not linger too long over the 8 tastings). However, the 20 plus wineries on the much larger Leelanau Peninsula will require several Traverse City Wine Tours if you wish to do them all justice.

Do Not Drink And Drive

I know that the expert wine tasters do not swallow the wine in their mouths but roll it around and spit it out. This probably makes them safe if given a blood alcohol test but, it might possibly fool a breathalyzer and that could bring resultant hassles. In any case, I am sure that all visiting amateur wine buffs are hoping to really drink all the samples they can get glasses of. This is the advantage of taking the Traverse City Wine Tours, you let someone else do the driving and they will also ensure that you get to see the best and are well treated at each and every winery that you visit.

For short or long, single or multiple Traverse City Wine Tours; let the experts at Traverse City WINE AND BEER TOURS make all the arrangements and provide your guide and driver. Visit our website today for online reservation.