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In Search of Cheap Trucking Companies

Whether you run a manufacturing business, warehouse, distributorship, or any business that requires shipping, freight is one of your biggest concerns and costs. When you save money on shipping, you can pass this savings on to your customers and stay ahead of your competitors. However, not all cheap trucking companies can give you top quality and dependable service. Here are some things to look for when you check out freight services.


Does the carrier have a reputation for on-time deliveries? If not, your inexpensive shipping service may cost you more than you expect. Customers want their cargo on time, and it has to be in excellent condition. If not, you could end up losing customers and your business. Make sure the cheap trucking companies you choose, have impeccable reputations in the shipping industry. This is more important than costs.

The Value of 3PL Companies

Instead of spending all your time tracking down carriers and contacting each one about your loads, you can turn this hard work over to a good 3PL provider. What is a 3PL service?

3PL Defined

3PL means “third-party logistics” and these companies are there to handle your shipping needs. They find you the best carriers. They also have access to cheap trucking companies that provide quality shipping services. Your 3PL provider contacts the most economical and practical carrier for your freight. They have experience and many contacts in the business, so they know where the best rates are.

Which 3PL Company Should You Choose?

When you look for a 3PL provider, check out companies offering all the services you need. For example, if you need partial and full loads, make sure the 3PL company can handle it. The same goes for issues like rail shipping and heavy hauling. A good 3PL provider takes all the hard work off your shoulders.

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