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Investigating the Services Offered by Moving Companies in Charleston, SC

Investigating the Services Offered by Moving Companies in Charleston, SC

The lease will be up in a couple of months and the tenant has decided to move to a new place. That will mean hiring one of the Moving Companies Charleston, SC to get everything from the old place to the new one. Rather than picking a company at random, it pays to spend a little time learning what each one has to offer. Here are some tips that will help with the process.

Storage Options

If circumstances dictate that the tenant must vacate the old place before the new one is free, that means the furniture must be stored somewhere in the interim. Ask representatives from each of the local moving companies in Charleston, SC is they have any type of short-term storage options. There is the possibility that the company may have pods available for the move. The pods can be warehoused until the time comes to transport them to the new place.

Packing Services

The prospect of being up several nights packing boxes and then going to work each morning may be less than attractive. In order to avoid this type of situation, ask if the moving company can provide professional packers to help with the preparation. A team of packers will know what sort of materials to use. They will also label each box and crate so there is no confusion about the contents. The client gets to sleep at night knowing everything is ready for moving day.

Help After the Move

Many moving companies also have personnel who can help set things up once all the belongings are delivered to the new place. Along with moving the larger pieces into position, some team members can help with unpacking the dishes, putting away canned goods, and even help hang some of the wall art. By the end of the day, just about everything will be in order and the client will have little left to do the next day.

For anyone contemplating a move in the next few months, visit us and check out the range of services offered. With a little advance planning, it will be easy to secure the right mix of services and enjoy the easiest move that the client has ever experienced.

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