Shipping Firearms Through a Moving Company in Columbia

by | Feb 10, 2021 | Moving Services

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Firearms can be dangerous to handle, and should be kept secure during a move. Abiding by the law is the customer’s responsibility, and state/local laws vary as to the registration and possession of firearms. When carrying weapons during a move, customers should check the laws in the states through which they’ll be traveling.

Within the US

If a person is moving within the contiguous US, firearms can be included in a shipment of household goods. When shipping a firearm, customers must follow state and local laws, as well as regulations set forth by the ATF. Under no circumstances should ammunition be included in a shipment of household goods.

Before Moving

Before a person decides to relocate, they should tell the Columbia moving company if there are firearms to be shipped. The customer should provide the model, make and serial number of each weapon, and they should retain registration documents at all times.

Packing Firearms

The packing service will write down the serial number, model, make and identifying characteristics of each firearm, but it’s the customer’s responsibility to provide that information. Large firearms should be put into protective casing, and others should be properly padded. The moving crew must close and seal boxes containing firearms in front of the customer before loading them onto the truck.


Loading crews will take possession of the firearms upon the beginning of the move. The crew will ensure that inventory is done, with the customer’s help. Cartons will be loaded so they’re inaccessible at first, and the transfer is complete. The shipping company is responsible for firearms until the moving van arrives at its destination.


If a shipment is to go into storage, the moving company must deliver the firearms to an authorized representative. The two parties should inventory the firearms to ensure all information is correct, and that all pieces are accounted for.

At the time of delivery and unloading, the carton containing firearms must be jointly opened and inventoried by the Moving Company in Columbia and the customer. Customers must sign for the weapons in the “exceptions” column on the inventory form, to signify that the shipment was delivered. Any suspected theft should be reported to Jordan River Moving & Storage and to law enforcement immediately.