Warehousing and Storage Planning in Logistics Management

by | Jun 24, 2021 | Moving and Storage

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Warehouse and storage capabilities are the main reason Berger Transfer & Storage is a sought-out service. As businesses grow, a major concern is lack of space to store products while keeping the rest of the business organized. Many start online businesses from home, but as the business grows it is difficult to maintain work and home life under one roof. Hiring a logistics company provides businesses with expansive warehousing and storage capabilities. Most locations have gates, so security is not a concern. Additionally, logistics companies are organized for fast-track order completion. Here are the top 3 benefits of warehouse and storage planning in Berger Transfer & Storage:

Custom-Designed Storage Plan. Once a business chooses to hire a logistics company, there is a storage plan put together. The storage plan will detail the positioning of merchandise. It is very important to lay out the merchandise in specific locations of the warehouse. The logistics manager should consider the weight, velocity and any special storage requirements. Heavy items should never be placed overhead as to prevent injury when lifting. High-velocity items are stored near the door or loading dock for minimized moving distance. Similarly, low volume items can be designated to areas in the back of the warehouse. A storage plan outlines the guidelines for how the warehouse will manage storage.

Fire & Theft Monitors. Once business owners spend money on merchandise, proper care is necessary to make sure all items are available for sale. Managing merchandise leaves the business owner responsible for loss due to fire, theft, or other damage. Hiring a logistics management company will lift the burden, placing the responsibility with the storage facility. The warehouse and storage facility uses fire and theft monitors to keep the merchandise safe. If an incident does occur, all the merchandise is insured and replaced. This benefit prevents a total loss of business due to merchandise damage.

Personal Account Manager. A personal account manager is like a concierge service. The account manager is on the warehouse floor during the daily operations making sure orders are correct. If an order changes after it has processed through the channel, the business owner has assurance that the account manager can make the necessary adjustment. Much like a concierge service, the personal account manager’s job is to put out fires and ensure satisfaction of the completed orders. The personal account manager ensures orders are pulled in a timely manner, packaged properly and shipped in a cost-effective manner.

Warehousing and storage planning that brings money to businesses. The objective is to take in the inventory, store it, and get it ready for shipment. Continuous product flow is not possible without a storage plan, damage controls, and an account manager.