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Just a Few Days to Reboot? Treat Yourself!

We’re all burned out after the holidays, and the worst day of the year is coming up. That’s right, there is an official worst day of the year – and it’s called Blue Monday.

However, one of the ways to beat the blues is to give yourself something to look forward to – like planning a vacation. Even short vacations can help to relax and refresh tired minds and bodies. You don’t have to use all or any of your paid time off, either. You could take a few days to vegetate on the couch in your pajamas, or you could get up and go somewhere fun.

Planning Your Daycation to Vancouver

Vancouver is one of Canada’s most popular tourist and business destinations with over 10 million visitors per year. While it’s just a short flight away from Victoria, airport hassles on both ends can significantly dampen once pleasure in a getaway. This hassle is why cruises from Victoria BC are so popular.

Instead of hassling with airports at both ends, a 3 ½ hour comfortable catered journey get you to downtown Vancouver relaxed and refreshed. Once there, you have a choice of numerous neighborhoods and attractions for everything from nightlife, to shopping, to culture and art, to kid-friendly activities.


There’s something for every taste from funky student hostels, to private homeshares, self-catering apartments, or regular hotels of varying levels of luxury. Whether you want your accommodation simply to be a base camp while you explore the city or want the full luxury experience, is entirely up to you and your wallet. When you’re ready to return, board the ship and are back home in Victoria by dinner time. Cruises from Victoria BC to Vancouver and back are a great and restful way to begin your daycation.

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