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Over Dimensional Freight Transportation: A Few Facts

Are you looking to find an over dimensional freight transportation service? There are a lot of complications involved in over dimensional freight transportation. There are lots of rules and regulations that need to be checked before you can successfully carry your load from one place to another. The cargo that is considered to be over dimensional needs to get permit before being shipped.

What is Over Dimensional Freight Transportation?

Any item that exceeds the standard legal size is considered as over dimensional. Each state and province has a standard size. If your cargo exceeds the limit, then it is considered to be over dimensional. For over dimensional freight transportation, you need to get the permit of the state or province before you ship your cargo. The general guideline is that your cargo should not exceed 53 inches length, 13.6 inches height and 8.6 inches in width. The height limit usually varies from state to state.

What Happens When your Cargo Falls in Over Dimensional Freight Transportation Category

When you cargo exceeds the measurement, you will need to get special permit from the state before the shipment process starts. If your cargo is taller than 16 inches, then it falls under a new category named “super status”. For carrying cargo that falls in the super status category, you need to get special permission. Transportation of super status cargo is complicated and only experienced drivers will be able to drive the vehicle. Before starting the shipment, IMT will conduct a route survey to understand the obstacles it may face. Most of the time your cargo won’t be allowed to travel during peak rush hours. A pilot car maybe deployed to support the truck carrying the cargo so that it can warn the driver where there are low hanging power lines.

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