Residential Moving And Storage Tips

by | Mar 20, 2018 | Moving Services

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If a job offer and acceptance requires someone to move to a neighboring town, it can be overwhelming to think about all of the preparations that need to be completed before moving. An individual can use the Moving and Storage tips that follow to assist with an impending move.

Assess Contents And Reserve A Moving Vehicle

After purchasing or renting a home in a new location, an individual should determine where items will be placed once they are moved. If someone owns a lot of items that they do not have a use for, they can sell or donate them.

After sorting through possessions, a moving vehicle can be reserved by contacting a local moving company. Information about the date of the move and a basic list that includes a description of items needing to be transported should be provided when making arrangements to hire a moving crew.

Use Packing Materials To Protect Items

Packing materials will protect fragile items and prevent them from breaking or being exposed to moisture or humidity. Plastic containers with lids, corrugated cartons, foam pieces, bubble wrap. Tape and labels should be placed on a table or floor.

After adding foam or bubble wrap to the bottom of each container or carton, items should be set on top of cushioning. If small items are going to be packed together, foam or bubble wrap should be secured around each item before filling the containers or cartons.

Make A List

Items that are packed should be written down on a list and labels can be used to identify the contents in plastic containers or cartons. A list will assist with keeping track of what has been packed. Before moving, an individual can decide where they would like to place their possessions once they move into their home. A moving crew will assist with moving furniture.

A weather protection kit will be used to keep furnishings dry while they are being transported. After items have been transported to a new address, moving crew members will bring items in a home and set them up in each room. Additional Moving and Storage tips can be acquired by consulting with a representative at Olympia Moving & Storage or a similar business. You can also follow them on Twitter for more information.