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Services that you can expect from a mover

Unfortunately those that are hands-on involved with moving furniture are stereotyped as being great big burley hairy armed guys that are not all that bright; guys that can pick up a refrigerator and walk it down three flights of stairs without breaking into a sweat. They are often thought of as guys who don’t care a great deal for your keepsakes, heirlooms and antique furniture; cheerfully going about their business while knocking into walls and doorways. As noted, it is unfortunate that movers have been stereotyped as such because the truth is; most are very reputable and handle your possessions as if they were their own.

Physically moving furniture is only one part of a process, there is much more to moving services in Ottawa. Sure, it is possible to get furniture movers to come to your home to physically relocate something for you such as moving a piano from one floor to another in your home or taking a pool table from the family room to the basement. The greatest majority of a mover’s time is spent providing a whole range of services which include packing, making a complete inventory of your possessions, loading, transporting and unloading all your goods. It is not a simple job as many people think. For more information, contact Gerry’s Moving

Before any moving services in Ottawa take place the mover goes completely through your home, every box which has been packed and sealed and every piece of loose furniture is tagged with an identifying sticker. The sticker numbers will be written on the inventory list including a brief description of what the article is. Once this part of the process is completed, the client is asked to agree with it by signing it off, now the actual move can start. In many cases the entire move has been done by the moving company, using all the services they offer including packing and the supply of all packing materials which are used to pad everything to avoid damage.

As the loading takes place the movers use heavy furniture blankets to wrap around everything that might be scratched during transit. It is important for a successful move that nothing move around or jostle during transit. The van is then driven to the new destination where the entire process is done again, this time however in reverse. As the tagged items are taken off the truck they are placed in the right room and checked off. When it’s all said and done everything from your double door refrigerator to your coffee maker has arrived on time and in one piece.