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Shift Gears – Notable Trucking Jobs in GA That Move Businesses Forward

Shift Gears – Notable Trucking Jobs in GA That Move Businesses Forward

In Georgia, there is a demand for dependable, hardworking truckers. There are companies that are offering basic jobs with fewer risks and major jobs that require advanced training and a specific skill set.

The Fleet of Jobs

If you’re looking for dependable trucking jobs in GA, buckle up and explore these options.

Flatbed Truckers

If you become a flatbed truck driver, you’ll earn a substantial paycheck because the act of driving a flat truck is a complex job. For example, you’ll have to determine what will fit on the truck. Then, you’ll need to correctly secure the cargo in the proper spots.

Dry Van Truckers

Dry van truckers ship dry goods. They do not deliver liquids like beverages.

A dry van truck job is not complicated. If you lack experience, apply for this job first.

As a dry van trucker, you’ll only ship cargo to a destination. Traditionally, you will not have to unload the cargo.

Freight Haulers

Freight haulers have no limitations. They ship

  • Dry goods
  • Liquid goods
  • Hazardous goods
  • Oversize loads

Refrigerated Freight Truckers

These truckers ship perishable items like medical products and meats to different destinations. It’s a complex and strategic job that requires a sense of awareness, drive, and time management. If something goes wrong, everything on the truck will spoil.

Power Up and Drive for Success

There are many other jobs in the trucking industry that are worth checking out. If you need guidance or a roadmap, contact the US Trucking Service.

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