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Storage Units In Piscataway Nj – Types of Units Available

Storage Units In Piscataway Nj – Types of Units Available

Storage Units in Piscataway Nj provides security services for both individuals and businesses. There is a wide variety of items that are put up in storage units including personal belongings for those with no extra space in their homes to store them, excess stock of a business, as well as items that have been left behind temporarily to facilitate a change in address or location.

There are different types of storage units. It is important that you understand the types of facilities available so as to choose the right facility for your items.

The first and most common type of unit is the self storage unit. These units are ideal for individuals and businesses that require storing their items in privacy. They consist of rooms that are usually windowless. The size of the unit varies depending on your needs. There are units that are large enough to store a vehicle and those that are as small as small closets.

The units usually have a standard garage door that is lockable by the tenant. These units are accessible to the tenant at any time of the day or week. The units are rented on a monthly basis and may come with additional features such as an automatic gate, security cameras, and alarms for the individual units. These storage units in Piscataway Nj are usually found in large single story standalone buildings. They mostly occur in the outskirts of the city.

If you are looking for facilities in which you can store items that need to be protected from the elements of the weather such as furniture, you may prefer climate controlled units. These units occur in multi-storey buildings and offer a managed environment for the items that are stored within. There are therefore no cases of mildew, pests, or mold attacking your stored items. Access to the storage units is by elevator. These units are more expensive than regular units because of the managed environment.

If you require temporary storage and would prefer to have the stored items close to you, you may want to look into portable storage units in Piscataway Nj. These are usually in the form of a small trailer unit. The company can deliver the storage unit to the location desired and once filled the unit is locked. The unit can then be left at the location or be taken back to a holding area belonging to the company.

Those looking for storage units for larger items such as vehicles should look into boat and car storage facilities. These normally consist of large open warehouses in which vehicles and boats can be parked when not in use. Individual units are available at a higher cost for vehicles that are more expensive or unique.

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