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The Advantages Of Custom Crating In Los Angeles

Whether you’ve got paintings, sculptures or something else, moving them can be a hassle and stressful. You want to ensure that your items are safe and secure for their journey and that they’re handled appropriately throughout. While you can pack and ship things yourself, you may be better off taking advantage of custom crating in Los Angeles.


While you can create crates for your items, it takes a lot of time and material. You’re not likely to have the tools necessary, which means you have to purchase them, as well. You won’t be left trying to scramble around to get everything and make the crates, as you have a professional available to do all that for you.

Likewise, the crates are made to your particular specifications and can be made any height or length. Also, they can be lined to provide extra protection.


Unless you have an abundance of energy after a long day at work, you’re probably not in the mood to crate your items and send them off for shipment. Custom crating in Los Angeles ensures that you have properly crated items without having to expend your energy trying to find the tools and materials, as well as doing the work.

Save Money

You can save money a variety of ways when you choose custom crating in Los Angeles. For one thing, you may be able to find deals, especially if you’re shipping a lot of artwork at once. Plus, you won’t have the risks associated with shipping valuable artwork. What happens if that frame gets scratched or the sculpture breaks into thousands of pieces? You’re out the cost of the item and, while insurance may help, you’ll lose the piece and may not be able to get another one. Visit Art Pack.

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