The Importance Of Having Your Truck Repaired By A Professional

by | Nov 18, 2015 | Transportation and Logistics

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To the uninitiated all vehicles are the same when it comes to maintain and repairing them, nothing could be further from the truth. Although a family car and a huge semi-truck both use the same roads and travel to the same places, that’s about where the comparison ends. Truck repair on I-294 is very different than automobile repair, not only in scope, but in importance.

In the event a family car is off the road for repair or maintenance for a couple of days there are numerous alternatives to get where you need to be, this is not the case when a semi-truck is off the road. The trucking industry is far more demanding, every minute that the truck is not in service, moving goods from one place to another for a fee, the owner and the operator are losing money; a truck that is not running is also not earning. Because of the urgency and the quality of repairs is so important rarely would the owner turn his “livelihood” over to anyone but a professional truck mechanic.

Finding a qualified mechanic for your family car is easy, there are numerous independent mechanics in every town and, as the car normally stays close to where it was purchased, it can be returned to the original dealer for repairs. Not so with a semi-truck, these mechanics are rare and just as rare is the need for truck repairs when the truck is in its home base, in the majority of cases repairs are needed when the truck is on the road.

What does the truck owner or owner look for in a mechanic skilled in truck repair on I-294?

The first is experience. The mechanic must know the ins and outs of the operating components like the back of his hand. The repairs most frequently needed include diesel engine service, wheel alignment, steering, suspension and brakes. It is a mechanic that can do this type of work that sets him apart from other repair shops in the area.

The shop also must have a complete range of tools that are necessary to perform repairs on these large vehicles. The shop must either maintain a comprehensive inventory of often needed replacement parts or know exactly where to get them at a moment’s notice. The mechanic is responsible for providing the owner with a detailed list of what was done, what replacement parts were used along with the date and details of the repair shop.

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