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Things to Ask Your Doctor Before Going on Kilimanjaro Tours

Things to Ask Your Doctor Before Going on Kilimanjaro Tours

Africa’s tallest mountain attracts people for several reasons. No matter what’s compelling you to take the trek up Mount Kilimanjaro, be mindful of your health. It’s smart to revamp your fitness regimen to specifically get ready for the physical demands of going on Kilimanjaro tours, but don’t forget to get a check up from your doctor, too.

That’s an especially good idea if you’re an older adult. People must be at least ten years of age to make the climb, but since there’s no upper age limit, you may see people trekking in their late 60s and even 70s. Regardless of your age, read below to learn a few smart things to discuss with your physician before departing.

Can I Continue Taking Prescribed Medications?

Since Kilimanjaro tours occur at very high altitudes, make sure to talk to your doctor about whether any medicines you’re currently taking may make it harder for your body to acclimate to the altitude differences. Also find out if Diamox could counteract any of your medicines. It’s commonly taken as an altitude sickness preventative.

What Vaccinations Do I Need?

It’s smart to get vaccinated against certain common diseases prior to your trip. After talking to your doctor about the scope of your journey, ask if you need to be vaccinated against things like Hepatitis A and B, Yellow Fever, and Typhoid. If you cannot remember the last time you received a Tetanus booster, get one of those too. By taking these precautionary measures, you can give yourself a good chance of having a great time on Kilimanjaro tours instead of unnecessarily being at a higher risk for contracting a serious illness.

What Can I Do to Minimize Symptoms of Existing Conditions?

If chronic health problems create challenges in your life, your doctor may be able to suggest things you can do to ease the symtpms by changing your diet or behavioral habits. Try to visit with your doctor well in advance of booking a place with a company that handles Kilimanjaro tours, so you’ll have time to make recommended changes.

When you’re in good physical health, it’ll be easier to navigate through the trickiest parts of your climb. Trust your doctor to give honest insight about whether your body is up to the task.

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