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Trucking Jobs in Minnesota – Starting Your Career

Minnesota’s truck driving industry offers many large companies that have set up branches in this state, with quite a few even having their headquarters here. Also, on the upside, there is a variety of trucking companies in Minnesota which means that you will have an easier time finding the perfect company to match your career path as a truck driver.

Minnesota’s average competitive salary range for a tractor trailer driver is around $41,000 per year, so if you are looking for trucking jobs in Minnesota, this is definitely the place to go for local or regional jobs. Most companies pay top rate for years of experience and performance pay.

Owner Operators – Qualified and Committed to Safety
Truck drivers with their tractor looking for trucking jobs in Minnesota will find that this region has a huge demand for qualified, safety-conscious truckers. There is money to be made in the trucking industry if you make sound business decisions and with common sense, sound planning, you can become a profitable owner/operator truck driver.

Major benefits of being an independent owner/operator are that you can:

  • Select the loads and lanes that best suit you and the lifestyle you choose
  • Decide when you run and when you don’t

Good Citizens of the Road
Trucking jobs in Minnesota are out there, as a matter of fact, many positions go unfilled each year, due to an ongoing shortage of qualified truck drivers. If you are thinking of becoming a professional truck driver, then you will have to set very high standards. This is an industry where there is a powerful focus on safety.

Trucking companies will trust you with their 80,000 lb. A vehicle that is loaded with valuable merchandise or commodities and they will insist and trust you when you say that it will get to its destination on time and in a safe manner. You are in control of your performance and professional credentials.  You will have to do your part by successfully performing your job functions safely, on time, claims free and in the most efficient way possible.

The expectations are high but truck driving is an enjoyable and rewarding way of life if you are the right person for the right job.

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