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What to Look for When You Need Secured Storage for Your Property

When it comes to valuable items, you want to keep them safe from being stolen or damaged. From a home to an exhibit show, the steps are taken to ensure the priceless property is well protected. However, what about when you need to store them for a long or short period of time? How do you keep the items safe to avoid them being destroyed, stolen, or decrease in value due to damage? One way of accomplishing this is by finding a company that offers climate control storage in Orange County. A facility that provides temperature-control has invested the money required to create a secure building to secure their clients’ property in.

Additional Features

  • Dust Free Environment
  • Around the Clock Monitoring
  • Full Warehouse Services
  • State-of-the-Art Fire Alarm System
  • Private Viewing Rooms
  • Humidity-Controlled
  • No Public Access
  • Packing and Unpacking
  • Inspecting Items on Arrival
  • Confidential Service
  1. Flexible Storage Options

Whether you require short-term storage while you travel abroad or a long-term facility to place priceless artifacts in. Art Pack provides the solution that you are looking for to keep your property safe. They offer a variety of services to ensure your belongings are protected when being placed in storage. From packaging to transporting, they work with you to create a plan to ensure your property arrives safely. On arrival, they will even inspect your items before placing them in their climate controlled storage in Orange County to make sure they arrive in pristine condition. A high-tech security system designed to detect smoke, fire or break-ins immediately. In addition to their 24-hour monitoring service, you can be reassured that they exceed the expectations of various insurance requirements to ensure your property is well-protected. Completely confidential, they deliver the privacy you deserve when you select their facility to store your valuable items.

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