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Customized Crating Can Keep Your Property Safe During Shipment or Storage

When a person owns a valuable artifact or other types of priceless objects, they want to protect their property from being damaged whether they are shipping it to a new location or placing the item in storage. Without the right crating, the property can be subject to the possibility of being damaged during the move. Especially, if the item is not properly secured to prevent the object from shifting while being transported. Art Pack offers custom crating in Los Angeles to assist their clients in finding the right solution that will keep their property safe and minimize the risk of the object being harmed.

Custom Built to Securely Fit the Item

Furnishings, statues, artwork or various other types of artifacts come in different shapes and sizes. This can make it challenging to securely pack an object with the standard crating materials available today. With custom crating in Los Angeles the packaging material that is used is tailored to fit a specific item. From strong boxes to storage cates, Art Pack can design a crate that precisely fits the shape and size of an object to ensure it fits snuggly in the box. With additional material such as foam or padding, they can minimize the risk of the item being shifted while it is placed in storage or shipped to a new location.

Budget-Friendly and Reusable Packaging

Art Pack offers a variety of options for crating needs to ensure they find the right solution to meet their clients’ specific needs. With a combination of 40 years of experience, their skilled team of workers thinks outside of the box to customize a crate to package their clients’ property. With re-usable crates, they supply an affordable option by designing a crate that can be used repeatedly.

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