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Customized Training Courses With An Industry Leader In Commercial Driving Instruction

All drivers require a valid license to operate a motor vehicle in every state, some types of vehicles require individual class ratings on a license to allow a person the privilege of driving them. Companies will offer training courses to gain the permits needed to get the proper licensing with the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Some states require the Secretary of State to authorize the permit and license of Class A and B licenses as well as CDL’s (Commercial Drivers Licenses).

Customized Training Courses are offered with various companies in many states, choosing the right one can mean the difference between paying too much and not getting the right training or paying for the proper training with an industry leader. Many companies will offer a person paid training but require that they work solely for them for a set number of years to pay off their training. Other companies strictly train drivers for a fee set based on the licensing class they want to obtain. Allowing a person to work as an independent contractor or with any number of Trucking corporations once they have completed their state-mandated training program.

Federal Department of Transportation (DOT) guidelines states to qualify they must complete 40 hours of classroom and behind the wheel training to get a CDL permit. Permits are issued once an applicant passes the written portion of the exams and a DOT physical with a clean bill of health. Customized Training Courses can get an applicant a special class license in as little as two weeks or four weeks depending on how they choose to train. Applicants will have up to three chances to pass the written portion of the exam if they fail any part, and with some companies there is no additional fee to be paid for retakes on the exam. Applicants will be able to obtain a permit, pre-trip vehicle inspections, and backing up a semi-tractor trailer and straight truck. Once all areas are passed the Secretary of State, and the DMV will issue clearance for a CDL or Class rated license.

Star Truck Driving School offers straight forward pricing on all training courses offered, and no fees for exam retakes. They have four training facilities to accommodate their customers. Customers can get their CDL, or Class rated licenses in as little as two weeks or longer if they choose. Part-time or Full-time training is also available.

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