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Helicopter New York

What better way to take in all the sights of New York than a helicopter ride throughout the city? On the ground, New York City is a busy and congested network of pedestrians, vehicles, motorcycles, busses, and countless taxis, and it’s rare to be able to speed through the city at any rate. However, a helicopter New York tour through the town will let you explore the city in entirely new ways from a completely different perspective!

Even if you’ve seen all of the New York City landmarks before from ground level, you’ll be able to experience them again by a unique aerial perspective. Whether it’s the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, Central Park, or the Chrysler Building, you’ll be able to be in amongst it all on a helicopter New York tour.

Few things offer the exhilarating experience of lifting off the landing pad of a heliport. Within seconds of taking off, you’ve got a detailed, birds-eye view of the city beneath you, and Manhattan suddenly becomes a little bit smaller. Sometimes it’s hard to grasp the scale of the island while you’re surrounded by millions of people in the middle of Times Square or Wall Street, but once you get above it all you’ll be able to pick out the places you’ve been take the subway to. Within a few minutes you’ll reach places it normally takes you an hour to reach in a grueling taxi ride.
Famous Landmarks

While normally it’s quite the process for a tourist to reach the Statue of Liberty, a helicopter ride can make it not only easily achievable but an experience never to be forgotten. Even if you reach the southern tip of Manhattan, the statue is still very small from the shore at Battery Park. To actually get to the island, you have to take a ferry from Battery Park all the way to Ellis Island. But in a helicopter, you can fly in a full three hundred and sixty degree pattern all the way around the statue to get a view you’ve never seen before.

And while a trip to the top of the Empire State Building is a tradition that shouldn’t be missed, it’s even more impressive to helicopter New York and look down on one of the tallest and most famous buildings in American history. Keep flying uptown and you’ll pass the Rockefeller Center, home of the GE Building (30 Rock) and up over Central Park, one of the most famous examples of urban landscape planning in the world.