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How Your Business Will Benefit from Customized Crates

When you sell a product, your main priority is making sure your product gets to the customer in one piece. This is especially true with more delicate items like art, lighting fixtures, or antiques. Fragile items can’t go into a normal cardboard box, or they risk being damaged by bumps in the road, careless placement, water damage, or stacking during shipping. Custom crating is the way to go if you sell particularly fragile items to ensure your customer gets their product and continues to buy from you, and here’s why.

Saves you money

While customization can sometimes translate as more expensive, it will be well worth the cost. If a customer purchases something from you and it arrives damaged, your reputation could be at stake causing you to lose customers. If you’re selling unique pieces of art, sculptures, or drawings and they’re damaged, it’s not like there’s another one of the same quality lying around. Depending on what materials the company uses, it can still be affordable and will save you the money and time of correcting a mistake.

Custom sizing

If your items come in different sizes, you may not be able to find the right packaging for it. A crate that is too small may end up crushing whatever is inside, and a packaging that is too big can cause it to slip and slide around when the truck or plane carrying it shifts. Custom packaging can ensure your products will get there with no damage, so you can have a happy customer.


One of the best parts about crates to secure your items is that they’re reusable. If your customers ever need to move or want to store what they’ve bought, they have the option to do so. It also saves from your customers being wasteful and not disposing of other packaging correctly. Custom crates are great for storing other things, so your customers can get more out of your products.

You want your products to get to the customer in one piece, so customizing the size and shapes of the packaging crates is an essential part to customer satisfaction. If you’re looking for a company that specializes in custom crates in Los Angeles, Art Pack specializes in shipping unique and fragile items that need to be handled with care. From paintings and sculptures to light fixtures and textiles, Art Pack can help your business pack your products.

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