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Keep your Fleet on their Feet

The most effective way to track vehicles today is by the use of a GPS—Global Positioning System—device, which can pin-point the exact location of a vehicle according to its satellite positioning. Many logistics companies and postal services use tracking devices to make sure they are able to keep track of valuable goods in transit as well as the vehicle carrying them. There are varying types of GPS tracking devices, which tend to fall into three specific categories. Many vehicles are fitted with a simple logger system which records the exact position of the vehicle at regular intervals and simply stores it in the internal memory until it is downloaded later. How can also have flash drive capabilities to make transfer of data more simple. There is also a ‘data pusher’ which is used mainly for asset tracking, people tracking and vehicle tracking. It acts like a beacon, sending response signals every so often and has real-time positioning capabilities.

The third device is a people tracker, which you will no doubt recognize from watching crime shows. These tracking devices are worn by suspects or convicts so that they can enjoy certain privileges of freedom, but maintain a curfew or other conditions of parole. Of course, for those James Bond fans out there, there is also the option for person tracking in smaller, hidden devices, such as a watch or a pen or a ring.

Trust and Credibility

Most large GPS systems are used for fleet tracking in Long Island is one of those places where traffic can get quite congested, as with the rest of New York, but to make delivery faster and more efficient, GPS devices can show where each vehicle is at any one time, allowing it to be tracked and traced. It also protects assets and helps to locate and recover lost or stolen fleet vehicles. The GPS system should be installed in a place where it cannot easily be detected, however, so that it cannot easily be removed if the vehicle is indeed stolen. These safety features protect many millions of dollars in precious goods and items each year, without which many companies would lose vast amounts of money, customers and trust. Having GPS tracking systems can increase your trustworthiness and business credibility.