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Moving Companies New Braunfels – Protect Yourself

When we take the time to search for moving companies, we expect that we will be getting high quality services from the companies we choose. This may be the case if our choices are made wisely. However, even if you are hiring the best moving companies New Braunfels, it is important that you ensure that your belongings are protected.

Protection of your belongings goes much further than ensuring that they are transported safely. You need to make sure that the moving companies you employ have relevant insurance covers in place. You also need to ensure that the items you are moving are covered and that you will be compensated for their loss or damage.

Begin with your insurance agent. Find out what your home insurance policy covers. Does it cover the items in your home even when they are being moved? If it does what are the deductibles? You should ensure that your home insurance policy offers an ‘All Risks’ coverage. Any coverage that is less than this will be inadequate to cover your belongings when making the move.

You should then check with the moving companies New Braunfels that you approach for the cost of getting Replacement Value Protection. Many reliable companies will be willing to offer you this protection. This insurance means that the company is liable for up to the estimated value of your belongings as they are being moved.

Finding the estimated value of your products is quite simple. Simply take the total weight of all your belongings and multiply this by $10. This however is simply an estimate. If you have items that are more valuable such as antique paintings and furniture, you can use their actual values to determine the value of your property. The main thing is to ensure that the total amount of money is enough to help you replace all your belongings.

It is important to be clear on the type of protection the moving companies are willing to offer you. It must be Replacement Value Protection. Do not allow them to provide you depreciated value only. This will barely cover the replacement of your property.

It isn’t enough for the company to inform you that they will provide you with Replacement Value Protection. You need to request the company for written information on the policy and how it works. Ask the moving companies New Braunfels just how you can make a claim when the need arises. Is there a time limit within which a claim must be made? Is there a difference in liability between owner packed and mover packed boxes?

If you do not ensure that the moving companies will provide you with Replacement Value Protection, the company will only be liable to pay a value of up to 60 cents per pound of any article that was being moved.