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Need a Moving Team? Steer Clear of these Hiring Mistakes

Moving day is stressful. When you’re already up to your gills doing last-minute checks on your stuff, checking off the last items on your to-do list and ensuring your kids, partner, and pets are all ready for the move, it can make for a chaotic time. Here are a few mistakes that could add more stress to your day.

Booking at the last minute

A lot of people have the mistaken belief that the moving and storage firms they need in Thousand Oaks CA are just going to be available whenever they wish. Make sure to book ahead. Book a month ahead. That or call the firm and ask how them how early they can take your booking so you’ll have everything set and ready when the time comes.

Waiting too long

You still have seven months away, you tell yourself. But time moves fast. One minute, you’re months away and the next, you only have a few weeks left. Don’t put yourself in a position where you have to scramble about madly to keep up. Look for a moving and storage firm in Thousand Oaks CA early so you’ll have enough time to research your options.

Not asking questions

Ask questions before you commit to a moving firm and not after you’ve signed a contract with them. Make sure you cover the following. If you need long-distance moving assistance, is the company licensed for that? Are the movers insured? How much experience does the company have? Find out.

Being cheap

Hiring a cheap service isn’t going to save you on costs, the Realtor says. Many of these firms don’t have the resources and experience to get the job done. They’ll be ill-equipped to handle any issues they’ll encounter along the way, which could leave you with missing, damaged or lost belongings.

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