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Safely Moving House with your Feline Friend

Moving to a new home can be stressful and, at times, even frustrating. You have hundreds of items, keepsakes, and special trinkets to get packed. Then there are dishes, picture frames, vases and other breakable items that need to be padded properly.

Clothing, furniture, toys, and books – the list just goes on and on. Getting it all organized, boxed and ready for the trip to a new home with small movers in Ottawa can cause you to end up yanking out your hair in frustration! But add to that mix the delicate nature of moving with a timid or picky cat, and you have an entirely new level of stress.

Keeping Your Cat Safe

Dogs usually love to find a change of scenery, but cats are much more content with the same familiar turf and a regular schedule. When it’s time to move, your cat might not be happy. The best way to keep cats safe while you are packing and moving everything outside is to secure your cat in a bedroom with some familiar blankets or toys. If you cannot close off a certain room, put the cat in a carrier with a familiar object, so that it can relax and possibly even fall asleep. Small movers in Ottawa will have the experience that is needed to move your belongings quickly, so your pet should not have to be locked in the room for long. Once you arrive at the new house with the help of Gerry’s Moving, there are a few ways to make sure your feline friend adjusts easily.

* Keep your cat in a quiet room away from the commotion of unloading the truck and bringing all the boxes and furniture inside. Visit with the cat often to reassure him, but keep him confined until you are done coming in and out. A lost cat in a new neighborhood does not yet know the area.

* Make sure the new house is cat-proof. Secure any loose screens, vent covers, or doors. Make sure there are no wires that can be chewed, or pull strings for blinds that the cat can get tangled in. Allow your cat to venture out of the room when it is ready. Do not force it out!

Patience and Time

It might take your cat a while before it feels comfortable in its new home. While Gerry’s Moving can help make it easier for you, it can be stressful and scary for a cat. Give the cat time to adjust and soon your feline friend will be back to normal in your new home.

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