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Tips for Packing Your Breakables for a Move

If you’re planning to move to a new home, you may be concerned about packing and transporting some of the more delicate items you own. Fortunately, there are easy ways to pack and transport your delicate possessions, so they make it to their destination in perfect condition.

Plates, Cups and Other Dishes

To pack plates and other delicate dinnerware, wrap each plate or dish in a sheet of newspaper. Next, set your plates in the box side by side. Use crumpled newspaper as a cushion between a row of plates and the sides of the box. Wrap your cups, saucers, bowls, etc. in their own pieces of newspaper and place crumpled newspaper around the sides of the box to act as a buffer. The less wiggle room in the box, the more secure your dishes will be.


Maybe you have a watercolor painting that’s been in your family for decades. Or, perhaps you have a collection of framed photographs given to you by a noted artist. To keep these items secure in a move consider art shipping New York. Calling on a professional to pack and ship your valuable artwork can help you enjoy peace of mind while tending to less valuable items involved in your move. Contacting art shipping in New York area can help you take a big task off your to-do list for moving.

Vases and Ceramic Items

Dedicate a portion of time to wrapping each vase and ceramic knickknack you own in a section of newspaper. Then, put them in a box with air-filled cushions around the sides.

Taking a little extra care when packing your delicate glassware and other items can lessen your worry about the security of all your possessions as you head to a new home.

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