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Transportation Options From Oahu Airport

Aloha! This article tells you the best ways to get around Oahu upon leaving the airport.

First thing first, you want to do is get to your hotel and check in after your long flight. There are a few options for this. First, your hotel may offer a shuttle. However, the hotel shuttle services may prove to be less than adequate, especially if your flight is delayed. Most hotel shuttle services operate on specific hours, so be sure to double check with your hotel what these hours are, and if their shuttle services are available 24/7.

You can also opt to take a taxi. Be aware, however, that gas prices on the islands are rather high. Additionally, the traffic is rather heavy at most hours. This results in taxi companies charging premium rates for fare. If you have a larger party of guests visiting Oahu, hiring a taxi from the airport may be an expensive choice. These are the same reasons that make renting a vehicle from the airport expensive.

A more reliable and thrifty option is hiring an independent Airport Shuttle in Oahu. These shuttle services are inexpensive and will work to your arrival time, no matter the delay. An advantage to working with an independent airport shuttle service is that they can accommodate large parties. This is especially helpful if you are traveling to Oahu for a corporate retreat or a destination wedding. There are some shuttle services offering tours of Oahu as well, which allow for you and your guests to have a fun and engaging way to learn about beautiful Oahu. These tours can also help you plan for some adventures while on the island. Some services even allow for some swim time on the way back to your accommodations, while others offer tours that include cultural destinations. Some packages even drop your party off for dinner at Oahu’s amazing restaurants.

In sum, the best way to find transport from the airport depends on the size of your party and your individual needs. Be sure if you are using the hotel shuttle that they can assure passage for all your travel partners, regardless of flight delays. If you choose to go with a taxi service, you may pay more than expected based on traffic slow-downs. A shuttle company offers flat rates, and also tours of the area.

Enjoy your stay on lovely Oahu!

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