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What to Expect from Professional Movers in Lancaster, PA

The moving process is a very personal one. After all, you may be moving to be closer to family or to advance in your job, a life change that can spark a range of emotions, including excitement. When you’re embarking on this personal journey, it is critical that you choose the right professional movers to come into your home, handle your belongings, and essentially take the journey to your new destination for you. A few tips give below can help you select dependable Movers in Lancaster, PA.

Scheduling the Move

It’s best to schedule your move way in advance of your move date, between four to six weeks prior to the date. Also, try to avoid moving during the summer months, as this is the period when kids are out of school, and many families, therefore, attempt to move. When a representative of the company comes to your home to give you an on-site estimate, evaluate how attentive he or she is to your questions and concerns. You should feel confident that this individual will be available to help you with the process of planning your move, packing your belongings and loading them onto the moving truck.

Company Image and Compliance with the Law

You may even want to drive by the company’s facility and assess whether or not it reflects the level of professionalism you expect from professional movers. Lancaster, PA movers are also legally required to give you a brochure called “Your Rights and Responsibilities,” which explains the 110-percent rule. According to this rule, if you have a non-binding estimate, you cannot be forced to pay more than your original estimate amount, plus 10 percent, when your items are delivered. You then have 30 days to pay any charges that remain.

Company Reputation

Avoid choosing a professional moving company simply because it offers the lowest cost estimate. Instead, choose a company that is highly rated by the Better Business Bureau and can point you to previous customers who have been satisfied with its services. Moving requires a huge investment, so it is important to choose a company that is worth that investment.

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